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Fairsing Vineyard Kestrel and Screech Owl Nesting Boxes

A few lucky kestrels or screech owls are about to find new homes inside the 80-acre Certified Family Forest at Fairsing Vineyard. Since January of 2016, Fairsing Vineyard has installed over twenty kestrel and screech owl nesting boxes. According to the National Audubon Society the population of the most common North American species of birds has fallen by approximately 70% since 1967 with the largest factor leading to this decline being loss [...]

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A Welcome Addition: Fairsing Vineyard’s Event Venue

EVENT VENUE In September 2017 Fairsing Vineyard completed construction on an event venue adjacent to our tasting room for guests to enjoy. Thoughtful design for the addition was provided by Nathan Good and Forrest Good of Nathan Good Architects. Building upon their inspired design of our tasting room, Nathan and Forrest employed nature’s golden ratio in calculating the curvature of the addition’s south and north exterior walls. DESIGN [...]

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Orchard Mason Bees at Fairsing Vineyard

Each season, with the arrival of spring, Fairsing Vineyard is pleased to assist Craig Watts of Watts Bees with breeding Orchard Mason Bees in ten large nests positioned strategically throughout our sustainable forest. Spring is an important season for the Orchard Mason Bee as a new generation emerges from nests usually in perfect timing with blooming fruit trees and flowering plants. Upon leaving the nest, Orchard Mason Bees promptly mate, search [...]

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A Labyrinth By Design at Fairsing Vineyard

Fairsing Vineyard completed construction of our tasting room with exterior spaces in 2015 and the addition of an event space in fall 2017. We were fortunate to work with Nathan Good of Nathan Good Architects who honored our Celtic heritage with his vision and design. Overall, the tasting room is reminiscent of ancient stone dwellings found in the rolling emerald hills of Ireland while the outdoor tasting environment features a seven-circuit labyrinth.   The [...]

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Mid-Summer News from Fairsing Vineyard

It’s that time of year! The Oregon Summer and subsequent slow down of growth in the vineyard has arrived and provides us a great opportunity to review our 2014 growing season.   If you rewind the calendar eight months you will find that the vineyard "sleeps" throughout December and January and so do we! The remaining months of our calendar fill with work throughout the vineyard and with activities surrounding our wine business.  So when [...]

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Hot Off The Press – Our Wine Labels

The 2013 harvest wrapped up in mid-October and since then our focus has been on the release of our first vintage - the Fairsing Vineyard 2012 Pinot noir. The entire process of getting this vintage from the barrel (where it aged 14 months) and into wine bottles has been interesting and we thought we would share a few highlights. The first and most crucial step has involved the design and approval of our label(s) for [...]

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Harvest 2013

To write about harvest we really need to review the entire year in the vineyard, as harvest is a culmination of a year’s worth of growing events. We noted bud break on April 10th, which is one of the earliest we’ve experienced. May brought record-breaking rain to the Northern Willamette Valley, but it was appreciated after a dry start to the year. The summer was dry and warmer than normal, which set the grapes [...]

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