Fairsing Vineyard owner walks among the vines at daybreak with his dogs surrounded by clouds


Mary Ann and Mike were born in Nebraska, raised their children in Texas and became Oregonians in the fall of 2007. They have three children spread out between St. Louis, MO, San Francisco, CA and nearby Portland, OR. They have subsequently discovered that the greatest joy in life is through the eyes of their grandchildren.


Fairsing Vineyard was established in the summer of 2005, when the family purchased a quarter section of harvested forestland. By October 2006 eighteen acres were successfully planted and trellised with the assistance of Oregon’s collegial winegrower community. Vineyard development continued at roughly 5.5 acres per year, to reach the current 38 acres of Pinot noir and five acres of Chardonnay in production.


Fairsing means bountiful in ancient Gaelic, reflecting the plentiful resources of the large, diverse site. There are numerous ridges with deep intervening draws, acres of new and mature forest, streams flowing year-round and abundant wildlife. Visit and experience the beauty and bounty of Fairsing Vineyard.

“We continue to care for this land with sustainable agricultural practices to ensure that future generations can also enjoy its bounty.” – Sláinte, Mary Ann and Mike McNally

Fairsing Vineyard Celebrates their 10th Vintage in Oregon's Willamette Valley